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Volume 2 

Plainville, Mass., June 24, 1921 

Number 12 

Say it with Flowers 

Our baseball team made a very 
good start and was going along fine 
until they went against the Domniek 
& Haifa in last Friday's game, then 
they certainly showed how the game 
should nol be played in all its depart- 
ments, the only excuse that can be 
offered is that they were without the 
services of Jelly on second and Jed- 
linski in the outfield. The only reason 
thai the manager can give for the 
slaughter is thai they, having won all 
the games so far' were suffering 
with a large head and got careless. 
But one game like this makes it more 
interesting and now the other clubs 
have more confidence in going up 
again*! us but let the club not forget 
the terrible drubbing they received 
from the D. & H. to the tune of 18 to 
'2. We expect that the frames from 
now on will be more hotly contested 
as all the teams have got going and 
1he players understand each other's 
style of playing. We may expect to 
have some very hard games to win 
in the league bill don't think for a 
minute we have fallen down because 
we dropped a game, for we will be 
there fighting every inch of the games 
of the future. The Mason Box nine 
has been strengthened by the home 
coming of Martin and Cummings, two 
e dlege players who have shown speed 
in their playing in their college nines; 
and the K. of (\, also have added 
some new faces to their team and will 
now win a few games and will show 
sonic of their last season's activity. 

We are much pleased with the sup- 
port we are receiving from the em- 
ployees of the Factory and hope to 
hold it by giving them the best that 
is in us. When our team plays the 
attendance is always above what it is 
at the other games and the fans ex- 
pect us to give them a fair run for 
their money that's what we must do 
in the future. 

How would you like to see Jim 
Gleeson out there on second again? 
We are after him very hard but he 
hasn't got warmed up to it as yet. 

They Came=They Saw= 
They Conquered! 

Friday, the tenth. It might just as 
well have been the thirteenth as far 
as that bowling match between Mid- 
dleboro and the Soldered Mesh De- 
partment was concerned. It is hard 
to admit, and we notice that the girls 
Over here didn't even ask to see the 
scores, but Middleboro made our girls 
eat crow. In the first match, rolled 
at Middleboro, our girls won two out 
of three, but must have suffered from 
sad reversal of form for they were 
completely outclassed. 

The Middleboro girls arrived at 4.30 
and Skipper Brown showed them 
through the factory. Then they were 
taken to our factory restaurant and 
seiwed with a lobster salad supper. 
We've heard of lobster salads being 
described as "an unsuccessful at- 
tempt to make both ends meet," but 
Chef Olsen served us a real salad and 
we all enjoyed it. 

Cont'd on page 2, col. 3 

If You Will, Yon Can. 

By Dr. Win. A. McKeever 
In a wonderful little magazine call- 
ed The Golden Rule, I have just come 
upon these words as written by 
George Washington Robnett : 

"Anything that you have a real de- 
sire to do, you have the capacity to 
do. Believe that and act upon your 
belief, and there is nothing you aspire 
to — within your own individual tal- 
ent — that you cannot become. God 
gives his children no hopes that are 
impossible, no dreams that cannot 
come true." 

Effort, after it has brought success, 
can never fairly be termed luck. 

There is not much use in burying 
the hatchet unless you forget the lo- 
cal ion of the grave. 

A Trip into Old Mexico 

Cont'd By WALTER K1CE 

The business houses also showed no 
apparent effect of revolution. The 
stores were all well stocked and we 
saw much American merchaiftlise of- 
fered for sale in the shops. Shoes were 
not much higher in prices than in our 
own stores, but clothing of the better 
grades was considerably in excess of 
whal is paid for the same quality in 
our local shops. 

That the Mexicans are an adorn- 
ment -loving people, was soon found 
out by us, interested members of the 
party. The great number of jewelry 
stores in cities visited, attested this 
fact. Particularly in Mexico City is 
there a great number of jewelry 
stores, for the most part well stocked 
and with much American jewelry. 
Whiting & Davis mesh bags had a 
prominent place in many of the win- 
dows and I saw many bags of our 
make carried on the streets. Some of 
the finer stores compare favorably 
with the best jewelry stores on New 
York's famous Fifth Avenue. 

The Mexican business man is a de- 
lightful man to meet, cordial, ho.i 
pitable and polite to a degree that 
sometimes was uncomfortable to us 
more brusque Americans. 

We were invariably told, by Am- 
ericans resident in Mexico, that the es- 
tablished Mexican business. man is a 
delight to do business with. Once 
you have established your line with 
mm, he is loyal to a degree. Any 
contract he may make or obligation 
undertaken is religiously carried out 
by him. 

Cont'd page 2 ,col. 2 

If you want evidence thai charcoal 
is good for the system, lake a look at 

Steve in the soldering room 

It was remarked- the other day that 
Gene Manchester had a beard like 
Abraham Lincoln. 


Wadco News 


I'l Bl ISHED Si:\ll-Mo\ | in ^ 

by the Employees of Whiting & Davie 
Company, Plaiuville, Mass. 

Publica lion Committee 
J. O. Gagnon, Chairman 
W. .M. Fuller Lee Higffina K. Gaddes 
O. S oderstrom Mina Simpson 

Editok . . II. 1). Rowan 

Asst. Editor, Catherine Kennedy 






Some are leaders and the rest are 
leaiiers. All mankind may lie classi- 
fied in one of those two groups. The 
difference is not of brains, nor yet of 
character, for in neither have the 
leaders a monopoly; the qualities 
which cause one man to go ahead on 
his own. while the great majority of 
his fellows are waiting' for some one 
10 si ail them, are initiative and 
pluck. " 


What a funny thing- to write about, 
yet, read what Emerson has written. 
The eye is the first circle; the horizon 
which it forms is the second; and 
throughout nature this primary tig- 
in.' is repeated without end. 

Si. Augustine described the nature 
of (iod as a circle whose center was 
every where and its circumference 

Men cease to interest us when we 
find their limitations. The only sin 
is limitation. As soon as you once 
come up with a man's limitation, it is 
all over with him. 

Being ignorant is not so much a 
shame, as being unwilling to learn. 
— Benjamin Franklin. 

I cannot consent to pay for privi- 
w here I have intrinsic right. 

The key to every man is his 
thought. Sturdy and defying 1 hough 
he look, he has a helm which he obeys. 

Harold Jelly, our 2nd baseman, is 
away from his work due to a carbun- 
cle. May he be with us again soon is 
(he earnest wish of many who saw the 
18 lo 2 game. 

It would be interesting to know of 
those things that our shopmates do in 
their spare time at home. 

Have yon a hobby.' If so, you are 
certainly of interest to Wadeo readers. 
Why not let us start somthing right 
now. Who knows? We may d'scover 
here in our midst that we are coming 
in contact daily with those who have 
thoughts of other things than Mes 1 ! 
Bags. It is safe to say a greal many 
are capable of doing things which 
make life worth living and in which 
they take a keen interest. 

Think of the girls in the shop cap- 
able of making their own c'othes, 
fancy work, knitting, crocheting and 
rug making, and then there are those 
who are interested in drawing, paint- 
ing, music, etc.. also politics; here we 
have a great field.. 

Xow. fellows, this dosen't make 
much of an impression on you until 
married, and then it looks different to 

On the other hand, how about the 
fellows? They surely are doing things. 
We know of some interested in Taxi- 
dermy (the curing and mounting of 
Birds, Animals, etc.!. picture fram- 
ing, toy making, carpentering, boat 
building, auto mechanics, and last but 
not least. Home Brew. 

To take a healthy interest in our 
fellows is commendable, so let us 
seek out the good and bring it forth. 
Along this line a suggestion in clos- 
ing: Just write on a slip of paper 
your name and give to your Dept. 
Mgr. that which holds your interest 
after the day's work is done, and the 
Wadco News will ferret out the rest. 

Cont'd from page 1. col. 8 
Mexico is on a gold basis, and they 
have no paper money of any kind, 
consequently they have no depreciated 
currency and no exchange problems 
to meet. Their purchases, however, 
are limited strictly to their supply of 
gold as they have had considerable 
difficulty in getting any extensive 
credit on account of the revolutionary 
tendencies and unstable government. 
This condition is bound to improve 
for with a growing population in ex- 
cess of fifteen million people, and 
with a purchasing power that will in- 
evitably increase with a stable gov- 
ernment, Mexico promises lo be a 
fertile market for jewelry of the r'ighl 

Cont'd l loin page t. col. 2 

Onward we went to Columbia Field 
and watched Eddie Herlin pitch us 
to a 4-2 victory over the K. of C. 

At the Alleys in North Attleboro, 
.Mrs. Ilattie Goodwin very modestly 
admitted that she was going to see to 
it that we got a grand beating, and 
that under such personal supervision, 
Middleboro would carry home the 
bacon. Mrs. Goodwin was no idle 
boaster, for she led the girls to such 
a start that we never had a chance. 
We must take this opportunity to 
slate to the public that the bewitching 
vamp. Corina, had no hole in her 
slocking. Those who went down there 
will remember that said Corina was 
hindered in a fashion by having a hob' 
in her stocking where it shouldn't 
have showed — and did. 

And for the final, we musl remark 
that Ilattie Goodwin was just as g 
at hitting the king pin as she is at 
hilling the nail on the head. We ask 
Clarence Skinner. Billy Ireland and 
Dan Crotty to testify. 

The Scores. Read them and weep. 
F. Whiting 100 88 99 287 

E. Cook 85 89 84 258 

L. Cauvin 7- 90 75 243 

M. .Miller 121 71 88 280 

L. Babineau 72 66 89 227 














La France 












33 \ 




You're enjoying good health — 
That's pleasant. 

You want to remain so — That's 

You may be careless — That's pos- 

You may have an accident — That 's 

You sincerely hope not — That's 
evidenl . 

Then practice "Safety First"— 
That 's wisdom. 

A true man never acquires after 
college rules. 

When on the road stop at "The 
Pines" in Plaiuville for a good cold 
drink, a sandwich, ice cream, etc. 
Mi'. Eudels of the Die Cutting Dept. 
will meet you. 


By Napoleon Hill 

These are four of the most danger- 
ous words in the English language — 
l I haven '1 had. time!" They mark 
the dividing Line between success and 
failure with hundreds of millions of 
human beings. Two hours before I 
started to write this I telephoned one 
of the busies! and one of the most suc- 
cessful business executives in Chicago 
dor five minutes' interview. 1 started 
to apologize for asking for even five 
minutes of his time, but he cut me 
short with : "Oh, thai 'a all right; I 
have plenty of time!" 

And he did ! 

When I got to Ins office I found 
him siding in front of a flat top desk 
that was cleared for action. There 
was nothing 0:1 it except an ink stand 
and a couple of pin trays. 

I talked with him until I thought 
my five minutes were about up, bivt 
when he saw me look at my watch he 
said: "Never mind; let's go further 
into details. I waul to know all about 
your plan." 

When the interview ended I saw: 
that 1 had been there exactly one hour 
and fifteen minutes. This man of af- 
fairs did not seem in a hurry. Clerks 
came and went as we talked. He 
placed his initials on papers, glanced 
al letters, answered the telephone and 
probably did more work during thai 
hour and fifteen minutes than the 
av< rage man does in a whole day. 

Yes, he took his time — listened to 
all details — got at all available facts 
— gave orders to his assistants and lis- 
tened to everything 1 said with inter- 
est, because he had plenty of time. 

The man to whom 1 refer receives a 
salary of .+1 ()(),()()() a year and owns a 
considerable interest in one of the 
largesl businesses of its kind in the 
world, yet lie is never rushed for time. 

The man who is succeeding always 
has time for every needed task. 


Do you remember Lincoln's story 
about the little steamer with the big 
whistle? "Every time they tooted 
the whistle it blew off so much 
steam that the boat stopped run- 

That's the way with lots of people 
today. If they would only use their 
energy to drive the paddle wheel of 
opportunity instead of eternally 
blowing the whistle of discontent 
they would find themselves going up 
the stream of success so fast that 
the barnacles of failure wouldn't 
have a chance in the world to hook 
on to their little craft. 


It is a tine thing to have money in 
the bank, but much belter to have the 
money drawing interes. The Treasury 
authorities at Washington report that 
there is the tidy little sum of $83,000, 
000 of a good many people's money in 
the vaults, wailing to be claimed by 
holders of uneashed Liberty Bonds. 
This money is perfectly safe, but it is 
nol adding a percentage to itself as 
money not used by its owner should. 

During the various war loan drives 
the American people turned their poc- 
kets inside out to help their Govern- 
ment by investing in its securities, 
but, after buying their bonds, the 
holders of more than 7,000,000 of 
these promises to pay made no effort 
to collect their interest. Ensome cases 
this was, 110 doubt, due to carelessness 
but in many others the reasan was 
falure to understand exactly what the 
investment means. Libert y Bond 
coupons, which have become due, may 
be cashed at practically any bank 
without the least bit of fuss over red 

Some of the bonds issued by the 
Treasury during the haste of war 
were temporary and carried coupons 
for only two years. In such cases the 
bonds may be exchanged for more per- 
manent securities with enough cou- 
pons to last until the principle falls 
d\io. The exchange may be made at 
almost any bank. 

The difficulty with leaving the cou- 
pons uncollected is that, although the 
bond draws interest, the coupon does 
not, and" therefore the owner loses the 
interest on his interest, a sum not to 
be neglected because compound inter- 
est mils up amazingly. 

When the bond owners collect the 
sums due them, a good many will dis- 
cover that they have enough to add to 
their holdings if the world's most 
secure investment. 


"It makes a difference, 
Friends of mine, 
Who talks in our factory 
From time to time. 

"Some whistle, some sing, 
Some laugh, others chatter, 
Some can do most anything 
It doesn 't seem to matter. 
We feel it the general opinion 
Of all who find this true 
'There musl be a happy medium' 
I n everything we do". 


The girls from Middleboro who at- 
tended the bowling match at North 
Attleboro wish to thank each and 
everyone who rendered their services, 
both directly or indirectly toward 
making our evening a most enjoyable 
one. We found you all very hospitable 
and feel that we are very much indebt- 
ed to you for the kind and generous 
to you for the kind and generous 
manner in which you received us. 
Every minute was filled wiith one 
pleasure after another. 

The excellent supper was fully ap- 
preciated and quickly devoured after 
our long but untiring ride. 

The Ball Game was an unexpected 
pleasure and we sure were glad when 
W. & D. came out the winners. The 
remainder of the evening at the alleys 
passed all too quickly, for there we 
made good our promise "to keep our 
nerve and bring home the bacon". We 
would like very much to play another 
game to give you a chance to gain at 
least three points more, but realize it 
may be rather late in the season. 

Mr. Ireland faithfully carried out 
Mr. Brown's instructions and chaper- 
oned us safely home. Before the 
evening was over the wisdom of that 
arrangement was apparent, as our 
chauffeur had troubles enough of his 
Isn't that so, Clarence? 

— H. E. G. 


Why is Clarence like a woman? 
Answer: II is no means yes ! 

Why does Ed wear a hat? Answer: 
To keei) his head warm? 

Why is Irene like the Boston Sub- 
way? Answer: Because she is a little 
out of the Common. 

Why should Corina work in the 
Post Office? Answer: Because she 
can manage the mails (males). 

Why is Marie like a minute hand? 
Answer: Because she is always on the 

Why is Caroline's nose in the mid- 
dle of her face? Answer: Because it is 
the scenter (center) 

What is the difference between 
Mary and an umbrella? Answer-. 
One Can be shut up— the other refus- 
es ! 

As summer breezes stealing, 
Fill woods and fields with song. 
Flossie keeps us reeling 
Light-hearted all day Ion.'-''. 

He knows much who knows how to 
hold his tongue." 



Commissions will not make you 
leaders, they will merely make you 

Leadership is a composite of a 
number of qualities. Among the most 
important arc Self Confidence, Moral 
Ascendency, Self Sacrifice, Fairness, 
Paternalism. Initiative. Decision. Dig- 
nity and Courage. 

To lead yon must know. You may 
Muff all your men some of the time, 
but you can't do it all the time. There 
is no substitute for accurate knowl- 

If at times you fly off the handle, 
yon have no business to be in charge 
of men. For men in anger say and 
do things that they almost invariably 
regret afterwards. 

If you have a rotten Company it is 
because yon are a rotten Captain. 

(.cuius is merely the capacity of 
taking infinite pains. 

Any reasonable order in an emer- 
gency is better than no order.. 

Be the friend of your men, but do 
not become their intimate. 

Above all things don't cheapen 
yourself by courting their friendship 
or currying their favor. They will 
despise you for it. 

Courage is more than bravery. 

Bravery is fearlessness, the absence 
of fear. 

Courage is that firmness of spirit, 
that moral backbone which, while 
fully appreciating the danger involv- 
ed nevertheless goes on with the un- 
dertaking . 

Know your men. Know your busi- 
ness. Know yourself. 

At the baseball game the other night 
it was noticed that two girls had on 
their fellows' hats. We wonder, if 
they paid the forfeit ? 

Celina seems to have forgotten how 
to vamp, now that Owen and James 
are not working. 

Poor John has been wandering 
around with a faraway look on his 
face since Tina left. We sympathize 
with you, John, from the bottom of 
our hearts. 

Eddie D. hangs everything but his 

shirl on the line since he had a tele- 
phone installed. I tell you. girls, be- 
ware for he is some bidder. 

( take a ride') 



Surely, you are not trying to guess 
who this is! Don't you all recognize 
your friend Eva Contoies in her new 
Overland? This little machine may 
not appeal to everyone, but to Eva it 
renders wonderful service. "The 
springs." she say, "can't be beat." 
and you can imagine the test she gives 

Decoration Day she took a trip to 
Crescent Park and while driving 
through the country, nearly killed all 
the chickens. Danger means nothing 
to her whatever, as she flirts with 
death at every curve. Xo wonder she 
had to try two or three times before 
she got her license. P>ut after her 
trip to Old Orchard this summer we 
are sure she will be able to enter the 
races with anyone. 

They say Cliff Crotty is very slow. 
Put we saw him every night at the 

For the girls, they say he does not 

When it comes to Musical Comedies, 

he's always there. 


To the Elm Theatre every night, 

He was there of course to see the 

Perhaps the chorus girls aren't to 

Put believe me he got there jusl 1 lie 


We know the Middlcboro Guests 
had an enjoyable time, esp cially their 
trip home as they had with them Bil- 
ly Ireland and Clarence to help cele- 
brate the victory. It is said the truck 
gol back from Middlcboro around 4 
o'clock the next morning. We should 
be pleased to hear from II. 0. any- 
thing she can send us that might lift 
the dark cloud and show its silver lin- 

Wauled — Informal ion about the 
person who let the air out of Percy 
Rhodes' tires. Tell us, boys, was it a 
' ' put up job V 

Erleen Parker with a steady? 
Bertha G. deaf and dumb? 
Idclla 1). without her whistle? 
Vange G. to cease her sighh 
Edith II. not dancing? 
Mildred without Pyrand? 
Madeline P. deeply in love? 
S ella -J. without a pick up? 
V< ra and Louise marrying again? 
Eva C. tall and thin? " 
Gene Manchester short and fat? 
Frank Murphy without his sweetheart 
Arthur Bunky as a hermit? 
Frank Gaddes doing the toe dance? 
Mildred D. in an airplane as her say- 
ing is "the skv is her limit"? 


Do this not only for your own good 
but also for those for whom yo i 
work. The present is a very goo 1 
time to remember: 

To turn out your electric light af- 
ter using. 

To shut off the water when through 
washing your hands. 

To make your work as good as po ;- 
sible. thereby eliminating repa : rs 

To waste nothing of value, for much 
can he salvaged. 

To gather np tools for which you 
have no use and turn them in to your 
Dept. Mgr. 

To use spiral to the best advantage. 
Remember somebody labored to mike 
it. Don't throw it around. 

To use shop supplies as if you 
yourself were the purchase r. 

To do those things which you wouM 
have others do for you. if you were 
in the employers' position. 

How does Eva's car run, Boehnh 

Ask Lillian St. John why Frank 
Murphy get her goat. 

It would be of interest to some to 
know if Lena B. paid the forfeit at 
the baseball game. Did ne? 

Thou shall be paid exactly for what 
thou hast done, no more, no lev- 

Ford Owner — Give me five gallons 
of castor oil. 

Garage Man — Vou mean gasoline, 
not castor oil. 

Ford Owner — I guess 1 know what 
1 mean. Thai car hasn't passed a thing 
(on the road) today.